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Teacher’s name Gulzhanat Kushai
Subject Personal computer
Learning Outcomes Content ·         All students will be able to know the parts of personal computer and their functions.
·         Most students will be able to collect and process the information about computer is devices.
·         Some students will be able to compare the funtion of computer’s devices.
Language ·         Students will be able to explain or describe computer functions and usages
·         Students will be able to read small text and fill in the table
Learning skill ·         Reading
·         Writing
·         Speaking
·         Listening
Time 40 min.
Anticipated problems and solutions —   When students speak  in English, they can’t describe what they want to say;
Sol: they can use native language;
—   Level of students are different.
Sol: preper different kind of activities.
Resources & Materials Presentation, video, worksheets, pictures, flashcards, projectors and whiteboard
Stage Aim Procedure Materials Interaction Time
1 raising curiosity, activating prior knowledge, developing communication skills —   Greeting to students;
—   Make a groups with new words, teacher  will give some flashcards. In the cards have two different types of pictures. The one of them have the  picture of appliances’ and other cards have basic computer’s  devices. Students will divide in two groups.
1st group: “Appliances”;
2nd group: “Computer’s device”.
(One of the flashcards have written the word “Leader”. The student who choose that card will be leader of this group)
Leader of group will evaluate the group by assessment paper.

No Student’s name Exersices
H 1 2
Flashcards, worksheets and assesment paper
T – Ss;
Ss – Ss;
Ss – T;
8 minut
2 developing cognitive skills and content vocabulary ü Open the new topic, I will ask some questions: (students will anwer one by one)
1.  What is the computer?
2.  What can you do with computer?
3.  What kind of computers do you know?
4.  Is the computer calculate something?
ü  Repeat the last lesson:
1.       How long should you sit on computer?
2.       Does the computer harmful for our health?
3.       How to keep healthy from the harmfulness of the computer?
Presentation, T – S;
S – T;
3 minut
3 evaluating comprehension of text, words, videos, graphs ü  Learn new topic
—   Watch the video attentionly.
  Teacher is language:
— when students watch the video, they will answer these question:
1.       Which equipment are main part of computer?_____________________
2.       Write down the types of monitor:


3.       What is the mouse?

4.       What is the speaker?

5.       What is the scanner?


—   In video have new words. Students will describe these words by own ideas.
ü  Read the defination in the textbook and compare with own descriptions.

Video, worksheets,
S – Ss;
T – S;
S – T;
T – Ss;
Total time – 12 min
-Watching video 5 min
2 min
5 min
4 developing cognitive skills, content vocabulary ü  Do exercises:
1.       Work in groups. Describe the computer is tools in the key(binary)
Teacher is language:
—  Students, do you understand what is the computer?
— Ok, then fill in the Binary chart computer is tools, for example, computer then in the second colum basic tool and additional tool and go on.
After fill in the Binary chart one of member in your groups will describe the chart.
— Well done, very good and in the next group who will describe?
2.     Work in pairs. Write the computers advantages and disavantages in the T-chart:

advantages disavantages

Teacher is language:

assesment paper, posters
T – Ss;
Ss – Ss
S – S;
S – T.
— Exercise
12 min
1.  7 min
2.  5 min
performance assessment Teacher is language:
1.   Ok students, today’s lesson is over. In the next lesson we will continue. You are greate students. At home you can repeate todays lesson.
Criteria of assessment and assessment paper. T – Ss;
Ss – T.
5 min

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