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Коптлеуова К.А.,
учитель английского языка
Средняя общеобразовательная школа-гимназия №17 г.Актобе

Lesson development
Form 9
The theme: The world around us
The objectives: 
Talking about the environment, about ecological problems of Aktobe.
Asking and answering questions about the environment.
Revizing of modal verb “ should”.
Educational goals: to develop pupils’ good attitude to Nature.
To develop pupil’s ability to distinguish modal verbs.
To develop pupil’s skill and habits in English.
To develop  pupils’ ability to distinguish modal verbs.
To develop pupil’s interest to Study English, Kazakh, Russian.
Visual aids: a book, active board, tape-recorder, cards, posters.
Type of the lesson: mixed.
The Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment.

Сәлеметсіздер, балалар! Көңіл күйлеріңіз қалай? Жақсы ма? Бір-бірімізге жақсы тілектер айтып шығайык. Nice to meet you, dear pupils.

We’ll spend today’s lesson speaking three languages. We’ll speak about the world around us, about ecological problems of our region. We shall practice modal verb “should”

  1. Mankind long believed that, whatever we did, the Earth would remain much the same. We know now that is untrue. Nature is under threat. One country‘s pollution can be every country‘s problem. So we all need to work together to safeguard our environment. We have a moral duty to look after our planet and hand it on in good order to future generation would like to divide you into three groups. Representatives from the UK, Kazakhstan and Russia will take part in discussing.
  2. I am going to give you cards with questions. You must answer these questions using your languages.

For example:
Card №1
Do you care about the environment?
Yes, of course. I do everything to protect the environment. I plant trees, flowers.
Да, конечно. Я забочусь об окружающей среде. Я никогда не бросаю мусор. Я всегда сажаю деревья, цветы, поливаю их. Принимаю активное участие в субботниках.
Мен табиғаты қамқоршысымын Табиғатты ластамаймын, гүл отырғызып, тал егемін. Арықтарды тазалаймын.
Card 2.
How do you help the environment?
Как ты помогаешь окружающей среде?
Сен қоршаған ортаға көмегіңді қалай көрсетесің?
Card 3
Do you know the problems of the environment?
Знаешь ли ты проблемы окружающей среды?
Сен қоршаған ортаның мәселелерін білесің бе?
Card 4
What must people do to protect the environment?
Қоршаған ортаны қорғау үшін адамдар не істеу керек?
Что должны делать люди для того, чтобы защитить окружающую среду?

  1. Look at the active board. You can see English, Kazakh, Russian words. Match the words with the phrases bellow
ауа райы are cut
жануарлар ластанды
petrol stations need protection
жер уничтожаются для мяса, шкуры, меха
загрязнение is polluted
қоршаған орта die from pollution
water жеуге болмайтын тағамдар
plants загрязнение
тамақ Is not healthy
деревья are harmful
  1. Let’s check the home-task. You should have written a letter in response to the advertisement.

I would like you to read your letters.

  1. Let’s revise modal verb ‘should.” Modal verbs are always the first word in a verb group. Example: we should plant trees every year.

All modals except for “ought’ are followed by infinitive without ‘to’.
Example: we should walk a lot.
Modals have only one form. There are no “-s”, “-ing”, “-ed-“ forms. “Should” is the same for all the persons. Example: He should save the environment. She should protect animals.
Let’s go over the material connected with modal verb “should” and do exercise. Ex.1.p.197 Complete the sentences using   “should” or “shouldn’t” with the words in brackets.

  1. Listen to the tape – recorder and decide if the following statements are true or fouls.
  1. Let’s speak about ecological problems of Aktobe area. Different foreign oil companies and our national oil company work in Aktobe region. Complete the “for” and “against” arguments of the companies and the friends of Nature. Make a dialogue.
The oil companies:
We give jobs for people.
The country becomes rich.
We have good experiences.
Oil industry is very important for the future of Kazakhstan.
The friends of Nature:
You’ 11 destroy the land.
You’ 11 destroy the environment.
Our health is in danger.
Air is polluted water is polluted.

Try to discuss in Kazakh, Russian, English languages.
9.Write down your home-task. Ex 10 p 113. Write down the ideas about the ecological problems of Aktobe region. You may draw a diagram.

  1. So. Our lesson has finished. We have done a lot tasks. You were hard-working, active pupils. Your marks are…

Thank you everybody.


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  2. Клара Баекова

    The lesson instills interest in learning Kazakh, Russian and English. I would like to see this lesson in real time to the English teacher. A variety of activities are shown in the lesson.